Aeroseal takes the heat for QLD Health Hospital

Aeroseal passes certification for smoke generation in accordance with AS/NZS 1530.3, gaining approval for Hospital Duct Sealing and avoids major disruptions.


Technology + Application = Clean-Air at Brisbane Girls Grammar School

Aeroseal technology is the solving factor for exhaust leakage at elite school for girls.


Aeroseal’s Newest 'Darling' Office Tower in Sydney

Aeroseal duct sealing were able to reduce the leakages to around less than 95%

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Aeroseal Saves Ailing Duct System for Medical Complex in Abu Dhabi

Duct sealing solution reaches around the globe to UAE as building engineers face daunting energy-robbing duct leakage problem.

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Halting Airborne Infections at Nemours Childrens Hospital.

Nemours Childrens’ Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida sealed its air duct system using Aeroseal duct sealing to improve HVAC airflow and ensure germs are removed.


World Class Hospital Uses Aeroseal and Increases Ventilation Efficiencies

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute
(UOHI) used Aeroseal duct sealing to seal leaks in one of its building’s ventilation shafts.


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