Facility Managers and Building Owners

Facility Managers and Building owners are faced with a myriad of products to improve their building energy performance and in turn save energy running costs. We all began the energy conservation experience by reducing wastage, however there is an on-going invisible waste – Conditioned air. We would not operate our car or residential air conditioning with the windows open but this is effectively what we do with Air Duct leaks. Why have this been neglected, because previously there was no way to achieve a consistent and effective result.

Unless they have been manually sealed (see pictures below) Air Conditioning and Ventilation ducts leak air. Leaks as high as 30 % in ventilation ducts and 20% in air conditioning ducts are not uncommon.




Until now the manual application of sealant was the only way that ducts could be sealed to an acceptable standard. On existing buildings restricted access due to construction and installation meant that not all joints could be reached to be sealed. Mechanical Engineers and Service companies were unable to overcome this issue so it was abandoned. Problems of wasted energy, poor air flow and reduced comfort have resulted. The Aeroseal Process allows us to seal an entire system from the inside out. Physical restrictions of access are overcome by the sealant’s aerosol ability to seek out all leaks from microscopic to 15mm and positively seal them with a safe and effective sealant. This work can be done after hours with minimal effect upon tenants.

Cleaning of ducts may be required before the Aeroseal process takes place if there is a build-up on the ducts of greater than 3mm.

An inspection of your air ducts will quickly reveal a multitude of small duct leaks which in total add up to a major issue. We can provide a quotation for Aeroseal duct sealing, an estimate of improvement in leakage rate and an expected energy performance improvement.

Leaky air ducts waste money! Wouldn’t you repair a leaky water pipe?


NABERS & Green Star rating systems focus on saving energy & resources - air conditioning and ventilation air leaks are an unaddressed area of saving.

Reduce Your Energy and Ventilation Problems

Are you looking for ways to reduce your building’s energy costs, improve indoor air quality (IAQ), fix your venting issues and extend equipment life? Get a good start by taking a closer look at your ductwork. According to the US Department of Energy, A Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study found that the leakage rates of commercial buildings exceed the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) recommended classes by an average of 20 percent.

Building problems caused by leaky duct work include:

  • Inadequate air flow to some zones
  • Comfort issues with cold or hot spots
  • Problems Identified by Test and Balance Report
  • High Electricity Bills
  • Increased Cooling or Heating Capacity Needs
  • Unexplained odours or fumes
  • Poor or Inconsistent Exhaust from Toilets, Bathrooms or Laundries
  • Inadequate Moisture Management

But there’s a simple solution to this costly problem. You can reduce your energy and equipment repair costs resulting from compromised ductwork with the most advanced duct sealing in the industry - Aeroseal Certified Duct Diagnostics and Sealing.

The Aeroseal sealing process requires no on-going maintenance. It does not affect service openings or any other maintenance procedures. It will provide the benefits of a well-sealed system for many, many years to come.

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Let us help you secure increased comfort and air quality in your building as your company saves money. Contact Aeroseal Duct Sealing Aust (click here) today and we’ll investigate and locate the hidden problem areas in your duct system. We will diagnose your system and provide you with a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution to your duct issues that can save you huge capital and manpower expenditures. Aeroseal seals up the leaks, and the wasted money and the hazards of faulty ductwork.