Case study Aeroseal duct sealing services: 20 story Commercial Office block

Posted by on 4 February 2015

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20 story commercial office building in the CBD of Sydney-Prime real estate with Stunning views of Sydney Harbour. After years of use, the seals of the ductwork had perished. The sealing methods used on the initial install overtime had cracked resulting in leaks. The use of thermal imaging technology identified where the LOST conditioned air was escaping and where the building equipment was failing.

The 365° glass facade glad building presented with high thermal gains.  The ESD Eng. expert noted increases in energy use, decreasing comfort levels and airflow issues. Some tenants had installed additional ducted air conditioning within the ceiling space. The client was seeking NABERS star energy reductions and improved tenant relations. Our job was to resolve the failing integrity of air distribution – seal all leaking duct.

Aeroseal duct sealing services was contracted to seal the top 11 floors on the Eastern side of this prestigious “A” grade office building, to improve the thermal comfort as the main priority with energy savings being justified for the cost of the Aeroseal. With around 35 metres of duct in the riser and around 30 meters of duct per floor we would be asking almost the impossible of the Aeroseal product to seal around 365 meters in one stage- it was clear that this would be a very challenging project for our highly trained Aeroseal technicians.

We decided after consultation to seal the riser and the top 5 floors with one injection using our atomized AVP sealing system- with great results. Aeroseal was able to reduce leakage from 1,515 CFM to 60.3 CFM in under 1 hour with Aeroseal. With this major improvement with the integrity of the ductwork comfort levels inside the commercial building was improved with a more even temperature inside the building and the use of pedestal fans (owned by the occupants) would no longer be required. For the first time the Variable speed drive reduced the fan speed by 14% saving while delivering the same airflow to the occupants.          

Outcomes Delivered: Aeroseal customer witnessed quantifiable reliable value and a firsthand experience of improved occupant comfort. Note: Once the energy loss was diagnosed as leaking ductwork, the treatment was unanimously identified as