Seal and Verify

To start the Aeroseal duct sealing process, all room, ceiling, wall or floor registers are replaced with foam plugs. The air conditioning indoor coil, fan and supplementary equipment are temporarily blocked with foam plugs to avoid the entrance of any sealing particles into this equipment. Once the system is properly sealed, the patented injection machine is connected to the air duct system using a flexible plastic tube. The exclusive Aeroseal duct sealing system injects adhesive particles into the air duct system. The particles travel through the air duct system seeking holes and cracks that are located throughout the ductwork.

The adhesive duct sealing particles attach directly onto the edges of any hole and crack, effectively sealing it without coating the inside of the ductwork. Using adhesive solid particles allows the built-up seal to span leaks as much as 15mm (5/8 inch) wide. Apart from the sealant on the leaks there is no additional material left in the ducts.