Airtight Savings. Airtight Comfort

• Reduces Energy Usage
• Saves on Energy Costs
• Improves Air Quality
• Enhanced Building Pressurization
• Safe Effective Sealant Solution



Building Goals and Objectives

1. New Construction / Renovation
2. Energy Goals
3. Comfort
4. Indoor Air Quality

• Simple payback 2-5 years (without rebate)
• Meet sustainability business goals and objectives
• Meet ventilation specification
• Decrease comfort complaints
• Increase proper ventilation
• Deliver engineered CFM
• Maintain proper ACH
• Decrease air-borne cross contamination
• Decrease infiltration rate
• Decrease liability due to IAQ
• Decrease odor complaints

Indoor Air Quality

University of Ottawa Heart Institute

“If duct leakage was the problem, we were facing the possibility of having to actually replace the hospital’s entire duct system – then we heard about Aeroseal. After conducting extensive research on the technology, our health and safety officer approved its use. It then took Aeroseal less than a day to effectively seal one of the hospital’s ventilation shafts. The positive impact that aerosealing the shaft had on system performance was clear and immediate. We are now looking at using Aeroseal elsewhere throughout the hospital to improve the efficiency of our ventilation system.

Michele Emond, project manager, University of Ottawa Heart Institute