We all understand that we need to reduce waste

Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems use vast amounts of energy to Cool, Heat and Move air. There is a hidden, invisible waste in most systems. The ducts which deliver the air have leaks. It is common for the ducts to leak between 10 & 30% of their total airflow. Even at 10% leakage this means an additional 33% of fan motor power is needed to generate the design air flow. Even more power is wasted cooling or heating air which does not reach the required space. Comfort is also affected with systems not able to produce their design air flows and conditions.

This results in hot and cold spots. This can lead to complaints of stuffiness through lack of air movement. If your office is at the end of a leaky duct run you can never get the right amount of air delivered. The leaks in ducts are generally a multitude of small leaks at joins in the duct. Some of these may be completely hidden in ceiling spaces or risers between floors. Aeroseal Duct Sealing can reduces leaks in ducts by 98%. This greatly reduces the energy consumed, offers better comfort and Indoor Air Quality through enhanced building pressurisation stopping the infiltration of contaminants.

Does your building already have these systems in place?

Then you are going in the right direction for energy efficiency but none of these items can overcome the inefficiency of leaks in ducts. Aeroseal can improve the performance of all these key components.

Aeroseal seals leaks from the inside

The patented Aeroseal technology allow us to pressurise the duct system with an aerosolised Vinyl Acetate Polymer which finds the leaks due to pressure differential between inside and outside. It then seals any holes up to 15 mm. On completion we supply a Test Certificate which shows the Pre-Seal and Post-Seal Leakage rates

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